Why Preplan?

While there are many reasons for funeral preplanning, research¬†shows that the primary reason was to make “it easier on the family” by simplifying funeral arrangements. With a funeral plan, you can make the majority of decisions in advance and let your family know your preferences.

The best way to get started with a funeral plan is to talk with your funeral director who can explain all the options and prices. Your funeral director can help you personalize the funeral plan so it is most meaningful to you and your family.

If you want to pay for your funeral in advance, your funeral director can help you establish such a trust. The funds are held in “trust” until they are needed. There are no health or age requirements or waiting periods.

For more information about how to preplan your services, you may contact the California Master Trust offices at 800-322-4268.


I was comforted knowing that my father got exactly what he wanted by preplanning his own arrangements.